MamLuft&Co. Dance | Summer Modern Dance Workshop/Intensive with MamLuft&Co. Dance
MamLuft&Co. Dance's Summer Modern Dance Workshop/Intensive (in Cincinnati, Ohio) is an invigorating, immersive, and intense week of studies focused on Modern Dance. With classes taught by Cincinnati's professional modern dance company and distinguished guest artists, experience a wide range of theory, technique, and performance-related courses. What's more amazing? Its affordability!
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Summer Modern Dance Workshop/Intensive with MamLuft&Co. Dance

June 5-9, 2017 in Cincinnati, Ohio


Register early to save! Scroll down and click on “COSTS” below to see the registration deadlines and prices.




MamLuft&Co. Dance’s Summer Modern Dance Workshop/Intensive

An exciting week focused on Modern Dance Studies
Immersive, intensive, and affordable

Named Best in Cincinnati – Best Dance Company Pushing the Envelope by CityBeat (2012)


MamLuft&Co. Dance’s Summer Modern Dance Workshop/Intensive is an invigorating week of dance that is both intensive and affordable. Held at the newly renovated Great Hall at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center in the heart of Cincinnati — this week celebrates both the vastness of Modern Dance, as well as the process and aesthetics of Cincinnati’s Modern Dance company, MamLuft&Co. Dance.


College-aged through professional dancers are invited to join us in Cincinnati, Ohio for a week that is all about Modern Dance.


The summer program is highly immersive on its own and also compliments longer summer studies.


THERESA  BAUTISTA (Moving Collective)

KIM KARPANTY (Travesty Dance Group)

CRYSTAL MICHELLE PERKINS (Dayton Contemporary Dance Company)

DENNY REED (Warsaw Theater Cincinnati)

RODNEY VEAL (The Art Show)

MEGAN YANKEE (Factory Street Studio)







Summer Modern Dance Workshop/Intensive Details

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Registration Type

Due Date


Early Registration

Register by April 15 for lowest prices


Includes 2 kinesiology tape rolls for the Myofascial Taping class

Regular Registration

In effect between April 16 & May 15


Includes 2 kinesiology tape rolls for the Myofascial Taping class

Late Registration

In effect starting May 16


Does not include kinesiology tape

Day Pass or Pick 5 Classes

No deadline, but early appreciated


Does not include kinesiology tape

Pick 3 Classes

No deadline, but early appreciated


Does not include kinesiology tape

Add-on: ML&Co. tank or tee

Available until May 1


2 Kinesiology Tape Rolls

May 30


Late Registration, Day Pass, 5-class, and 3-class will need to purchase this if participating in Myofascial Taping Class


The workshop does not include housing or meal plans, which are not provided. The fees below are for tuition only.

You may choose to initially pay just a $50 non-refundable deposit at the time you register with your form. However, we must receive your balance in full by the Registration Deadline for the Early and Regular Registration rates to apply.

Non-Refundable Deposit

• The fees above include a non-refundable $50 deposit.

• The $50 deposit cannot be refunded for any reason, including injury, illness, or other reasons for cancelation.

Refunds and Cancelations: MUST BE REQUESTED BY MAY 15, 5PM

Cancelations must be made in writing by 5pm, May 15 in order to receive a refund minus the $50 deposit. No refunds can be given after May 15, 5pm. To cancel, please send an email to

T-Shirt/Tank Top Add-ons: AVAILABLE UP TO MAY 1

ML&Co. t-shirts and tanks can be added for $25. The last day to pre-purchase is May 1.

Kinesiology Tape Add-on: AVAILABLE UP TO MAY 30

Students may order extra kinesiology tape in units of 2 rolls for $25 by May 30.

Tape is already included for those meeting the Early Registration and Regular Registration deadlines.

Students of the Late Registration, Day Pass, 5-Class Card, and 3-Class Card who wish to participate in the Myofascial Taping class must purchase kinesiology tape through this add-on by May 30, OR they may  bring their own, bring some other kind of fabric tape (such as gaffer’s tape) to practice with, or simply observe.


One work-study $100 scholarship is available. Please contact to apply.

Work-study scholarship recipients will be asked to come early and stay late to help set-up, let people into the building, clean-up, and assist lunch time film set-up, among other miscellaneous tasks.

If selected for a scholarship, you must register for the workshop within 1 week. Otherwise, it will be offered to someone else.

In alphabetical order

Important Note

Not only do we believe that all dancers should be knowledgable in dance theory, but we also warn dancers of the dangers of physically over-extending oneself.
In order to finish each day strong and avoid injury, we encourage all dancers to practice self-care and choose a smart balance of movement and theory courses that nourish both the mind and body.

Anatomy and Physiology for Dancers

This course is ideal for dancers who wish to connect anatomical and physiological knowledge with their dance practice. Whether you’ve never had an anatomy class before or you’re interested in a refresher, Anatomy & Physiology for Dancers (with Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant and 7th-year Company Member, Elena Rodriguez Moore) will cover the basics of anatomy that are perhaps most crucial for Modern Dancers. In two sessions, Elena will explain anatomical directions and other basic kinesiology vocabulary, as well as educate dancers on the skeletal and muscular systems of the torso, upper limbs, pelvic region, and lower limbs.

Basics of Photographing Dance

New this year! For the first time ever, MamLuft&Co. Dance Director and photographer Jeanne Mam-Luft will teach a workshop on foundations for photographing dance. Ms. Mam-Luft, who is responsible for all of MamLuft&Co. Dance’s photography, will share techniques she’s discovered over 15 years of photographing dance. This will include both technical and artistic considerations. In order to fully participate, students will need to bring their own DSLR camera (basically, a camera that looks something like this). Students who cannot bring a camera are still very much welcome to participate, as they may either be able to try someone else’s equipment and/or take notes for future reference. In addition, the material will also help dancers to have better pictures taken of them. (Questions regarding this class or cameras can be sent to Jeanne at

Contact Improvisation Technique

MamLuft&Co. Dance Assistant Company Director and 7-year veteran, Susan Honer, will lead participants through an exploration of Contact Improvisation Technique. Together, dancers will experience the magic of movement created and expressed simultaneously in real-time with fellow movers. At the heart of these explorations will be understanding point-of-contact as a means for non-verbal communication and connection.

Contemporary Dance

With the goal of discovering greater buoyancy and softness in all joints, the class will begin with floorwork based on Bartenieff Fundamentals, rise to mid-levels with inversions and material based on Irene Dowd’s work, and peak with lighthearted, full-bodied phrasework infused with poly-rhythms and syncopation. This class will feature off-center movement material designed specifically to increase multi-dimensional use of the hip joints. Kneepads are encouraged but not required.

Funding for Research & Special Projects

Recommended for students who may, at some point, seek funding for their artistic and/or scholarly work, MamLuft&Co. Dance’s Abby Carlozzo presents how she received funding to travel to Burkina Faso for eight weeks to conduct research and cross-cultural collaboration centered on West African dance. She will also introduce grant writing principles and provide useful information for an artist and/or artist-scholar’s funding search.

Improvisational Techniques

In a supportive, low-pressure environment, participants will be given the space to explore a number of techniques for solo improvisational practice. The class will challenge participants to discover new, organic, and authentic movement patterns. A number of varying exercises from different sources will be presented.

Injury Prevention and Body Work

Taught by 7-year company member and licensed Physical Therapist Assistant Elena Rodriguez Moore, this class will introduce simple strategies for rehabilitative body work for dancers, as well as stretching techniques with and without a partner. This includes body work, such as massage, relaxation, and tension-release. Dancers will also be exposed to injury prevention techniques, backed by scientific research, including proper nutrition, warm up, and safety awareness. Materials for this course were created by licensed Physical Therapist and dancer, Mindy Nagel, Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Introduction to Lighting Design

Dimmers? Channels? Leko? Booms? Cue sheets? Fresnels? The world of lighting design and tech can be confusing, especially when stagehands and directors start throwing around the limitless slang used in the field. Led by Denny Reed, lighting designer for Covedale Center for the Performing Arts and Warsaw Public Incline Theater, this crash course will discuss the “tools” for lighting, the art of light design and communication with the Lighting Designer. This will help your effectiveness and efficiency with stagehands, LDs, and TDs, and most importantly, help you envision your work in the context of a produced evening. This class is recommended to any dancer or choreographer who may be creating stage work.


It is recommended that participants bring their own lunches, except on “social outing” days. Dancers may be able to quickly grab lunch nearby on Ludlow Avenue; however, wait times may cause issue and transport by car is probably best.)

Lunch: Dance Film Showings

During the lunch hours on Monday and Wednesday, dance films will be projected in the studio space. However, dancers are encouraged to leave the building, get some fresh air, and make new friends!

Lunch: Outings vs. Chats

On Tuesday/Thursday, students are encouraged to make new friends by signing-up for group outings to various restaurants.

Those who wish to stay in can instead choose to attend a lunch chat on Tuesday or Thursday with a Company Member. Tuesday’s lunch chat is: Dance After Undergrad: Should I Go to Grad School? with ML&Co.’s Education and Outreach Director, Abby Carlozzo, Master of Arts graduate of Temple University. Thursday’s lunch chat is: The Hustle! Managing All A Dancer’s Commitments with ML&Co. third-year dancer, Neile Martin. Workshop participants are encouraged not only to ask questions, but to treat the chats as “round tables” and offer their own experiences!

Lunch: Modern Dance Trivia Friday

On Friday, we’ll play a game of Modern Dance Trivia. The winner will receive an ML&Co. t-shirt! Bring your own mobile device with a data connection to play!


Masterclass Guest Series

with Crystal Michelle Perkins, Theresa Bautista, Susan Honer, Rodney Veal, and Kim Karpanty

MamLuft&Co. Dance is proud to feature a daily Masterclass Series with special artists of repute, coming to us with extensive regional, national, and international experience in Modern Dance. Each day will feature an extended, unique masterclass with a different faculty member. The masterclass series is designed to both support the pluralistic aesthetic that MamLuft&Co. Dance embraces and give participants a taste of the vastness of Modern Dance. To learn more about each faculty member, please click on the “Faculty” tab to the left.

Modern Dance History Crash Course

We believe that all Modern Dancers should have a strong working knowledge of their own genre’s history and be aware of the context in which they are making art.

Whether you have or have not previously studied Modern Dance History, these two sessions will be informative and, hopefully, inspiring as we take a moment to refresh our awareness and appreciate the vastness of our field.

This class will be a fun and quick survey through Modern Dance notables from the founding pioneers to today’s emerging choreographers. The course will run through video examples of each choreographer of note and include a quick run-down of characteristics. Each session may be attended separately — meaning, students do not need to attend both; however, please note the eras covered each day may be adjusted.

Modern Dance Technique (with Jeanne Mam-Luft)

Taught by MamLuft&Co. Dance Director, Jeanne Mam-Luft, the morning Modern Dance Technique class will progress each day, building upon the day before. The class will utilize a long floor warm-up designed to bring dancers’ attention to moving from the core and pelvis. The warm-up then radiate distally as dancers briskly work their way to standing. In center and across-the-floor, the class introduces participants to a pluralistic style that references both traditional and release techniques. Dancers will be challenged with quick, athletic movement that asks for range, strength, and physicality that are all driven by nuanced performance presence. To practice connected movement, the class will stress Bartenieff body connectivity patterns (particularly, head-tail, sequential, and cross-lateral patterns), dynamic alignment / a heightened awareness of weight shifts, and initiation and follow-through.

Myofascial Movement Taping

Taught by Physical Therapist Assistant Elena Rodriguez, certified in myofascial movement taping, this class will explore some of the beginning concepts of myofascial taping and how they can be utilized by dancers. Dancers will explore the benefits and theories behind the process of taping, as well as perform some hands on activities to use myofascial tape on areas that are commonly injured by dancers. “Early Registration” and “Regular Registration” include two rolls of kinesiology tape. Students may add additional pairs of rolls for $25 (see registration below). “Late Registration,” 1 day pass, 5 class pass, and 3 class pass students will not have kinesiology tape included in their tuition. They may bring their own tape or purchase an add-on below before May 30. Students may also bring any kind of tape they may already have simply to practice with (strong, fabric-backed tape such as gaffers tape or elastikon would work best).

Partnering and Weight Sharing (with Elena Rodriguez Moore)

Partnering and Weight Share play an immense role in the work of MamLuft&Co. Dance. This class, taught by 7-year ML&Co. veteran Elena Rodriguez Moore will focus on techniques necessary for successful and dynamic partnering. Establishing trust and utilizing balance/counterbalance momentum, knowledge of one’s center of gravity, and strong support bases, participants will learn safe techniques and explore fun and interesting weight-shares and lifts.


Dancers will learn original MamLuft&Co. Dance repertory, which will require athletic, nuanced movement, as well as lifting and partnering.

Send-Off Showing & Jam

The workshop will conclude with a group showing and improvisation jam.

Shared-Weight Dancing

This class if first and foremost a fun social experience between movers. Starting with no contact and gradually increasing to full weight sharing, students will be guided through some shortcuts to embolden their improvisational choice making with partners. Class material is easily modified depending on individual students’ comfort level with weight sharing and baring. All experience levels are welcome!

Stretch and Body Work Session

Students will enjoy dedicated time to stretch, cool down, and practice body work after a long day of intense dancing. Dancers will work both individually and with partners. Stretching (including proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretches) will be utilized both to increase flexibility, as well as to transition out of dancing. Massage and other body work exercises will be used to care for muscles, fascia, and connective tissue. Tennis balls will be provided, but dancers are encouraged to bring their own rollers, balls, and other items as desired.

Yoga for Dancers

A yoga class tailored for dancers that considers all the rigors and stresses seen on a daily basis. In this class, dancers will learn to link their breath pattern with their movement pattern and move no faster than our breath. Intelligent, mindful movement that speaks to the dancer’s constant moving body will allow dancers to identify where they can soften tension and build strength. The emphasis will be on self-care, recovery, and finding a balance of effort and ease by honoring their individual physical edge. This class is part discussion, part restorative movement.

Theresa Bautista • Masterclass Series

Bautista,-Theresa---dance-shot-bw-webTheresa Bautista

Moving Collective Founder and Co-Artistic Director
Kentucky Governor’s School for the Arts Dance Chair


Theresa Bautista is a freelance dancer, choreographer and teacher who has been hailed by the Louisville Courier Journal as a “delight to watch” on stage. She has performed with Ila Conoley’s ICONography Dance, The Susie Thiel Collaborative, Anna Sapozhnikov’s MOYAMO DANCE, Gordon Dance Projects, Rachel James, jan street dance theatre, and Art! Art! Barking Dog Dance Company. Theresa is the Founder and Co-Artistic Director of Moving Collective, a Kentucky-based organization that presents concerts to promote the work of established and emerging choreographers of modern and contemporary dance. Her work Victims, received Gala honors at the Southeast Regional Ballet Festival, and her work, Go Round, was recently seen at the Regional Alternative Dance Festival in Kalamazoo, MI. Theresa is adjunct faculty in the Department of Theatre and Dance at the University of Kentucky and Chair of the Dance Faculty at Kentucky Center’s Governor’s School for the Arts.

In Ms. Bautista’s masterclass, class will begin on the floor to help discover body connections through somatic practices. Students will then be taken through a series of several combinations to ground and align the body, calling upon modern dance fundamentals and release techniques. These exercises will be spatially expansive and push movement potential. Class will finish with phrase work, challenging dancers to embody the material and call upon their technical training, yet make choices in performance to explore dynamic play.

Abby Carlozzo • Lunch Chat • Dance History • Funding

1608abby-5010-bw-sq-webAbby Carlozzo, MA

MamLuft&Co. Dance Education and Outreach Director & Company Member


Abby Carlozzo is MamLuft&Co. Dance’s Education and Outreach Director, as well as a Company Member. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from The Ohio State University before going on to pursue her Master of Arts in Dance from Temple University with funding from a 2014 Beinecke Scholarship.

In 2014, she conducted research in cross–cultural collaboration and studied various traditional and contemporary West African dance forms in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. While there, she interned for the Nomad Express International Multi-Arts Festival, working for choreographer Olivier Tarpaga. She was able to finance her research with support from an Arts Undergraduate Research Scholarship and various small grants within the OSU Department of Dance.

Over the course of her dance training, Abby has had the pleasure of teaching a variety of populations including children, teenagers, and adults, in settings ranging from studios and performing arts schools, to museums and retirement homes. She is an advocate for dance that is accessible to all, regardless of one’s background, experience, or financial ability, and desires to remove the stigmas and fears surrounding dance in order to stimulate a better understanding and awareness of this art form.

Trisha Durham, E-RYT 200 • Yoga for Dancers

DurhamTrisha-webTrisha Durham, E-RYT 200

Yoga for Dancers



Trisha has been a mover her whole life – a professional dancer previously with Dayton Ballet Company, she continues to dance as an independent artist with several performance and aerial arts based groups in Greater Cincinnati. Trisha teaches modern vinyasa yoga full-time in Greater Cincinnati and is the founder of Cincinnati Bridal Yoga LLC and Cincinnati Queer Yoga. Trisha holds a Masters Degree from the University of Cincinnati in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies.

Trisha believes yoga is an infinitely healing practice and her mission is to help everyone discover their hidden strength that will allow them to move more comfortably, kindly and confidently. Trisha’s interest and dedication to multiple movement-based arts is what provides fresh insight that inspires her teaching. Finding a balance of effort and ease, moving more fully, and taking up space are consistent points of focus in her classes.

SUSAN HONER • Masterclass Series • Contact Improvisation

1208honer-4343-bw-sq-webSusan Honer

MamLuft&Co. Dance Assistant Company Director


Susan Honer hails from southwest Virginia, currently residing in Dayton, Ohio where she teaches Pilates and SmartSpine© Therapeutic Bodywork. Ms. Honer is dancing in her seventh year with MamLuft&Co. Dance, with whom she is also a Choreographer and the company’s Pilates Trainer.

Susan received her Master of Fine Arts in Dance from Hollins University/American Dance Festival (where she has also recently taught) and her Bachelor of Arts in Dance and English from Hollins University. Susan’s work has been seen in Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Connecticut, Wisconsin, New York, and Austria. In 2009, Susan was commissioned to create an original work for Merge Record’s 20th Anniversary Dance Concert, Merge with Motion.

She is also the co-founder of Distance Dances, a blog and video-based dance collaboration with fellow dance artist Gina T’ai. Most recently Susan returned to her alma mater Southwest Virginia Ballet to reprise her role in their original production of Ties. Ms. Honer has been a collaborator and rehearsal director with ML&Co. since 2011.

In 2015-2016, Susan debuted her first full length show for ML&Co., The Double, based on the novella by Dostoyevsky.

Kimberly Karpanty • Masterclass Series

Karpanty,-Kim—-webKimberly Karpanty, MFA

Travesty Dance Group Artistic Director & Co-Founder
Kent State University Associate Professor


KIM KARPANTY currently tours nationally and internationally as an invited guest artist and as a chorographer and performer with Travesty Dance Group, of which she is a co-founder and Artistic Director. Karpanty choreographed, taught and performed professionally in New York City for over ten years, and has created over 50 dances in modern dance, dance/theatre, screen dance and jazz dance genres. Much of her work is inspired by and explores strong social and personal issues approached with both humor and drama. Karpanty collaborates with composers, poets, musicians, new media artists and scenic and lighting designers. Her work has been performed throughout the US and abroad in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, Spain and Sweden.

Karpanty is a Professor of Dance at Kent State University where she teaches modern dance, Simonson-based jazz dance technique, improvisation, composition, dance science, dance & technology and American jazz dance history, among other courses. She holds a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Choreography and Dance Technology from Arizona State University and a Master of Arts in Dance and Dance Education from New York University. She is a Fulbright Specialist Scholar and a certified teacher of Simonson Technique and Core Dynamics® Pilates (PMA®-CPT).

Kim Karpanty will be teaching an eclectic modern class in the Modern Masterclass Series. This modern dance style is based in contemporary developments of the Limon and Taylor styles and the incorporation of the instructor’s own movement explorations.  Floor work and body conditioning  are significant portions of the class designed to balance stability and mobility in dancers’ bodies. Technical elements focus on alignment, breath, release, weight exchange, impulsion, gesture and an expansive use of space. Repertory phrases come from Karpanty’s diverse body of work.  Performance is emphasized and each dancer is expected to identify and communicate her/his own expressive voice within the phrases given, which may include text and partnering, adagio, allegro, group and solo combinations. Knee pads are recommended.

JEFFREY LUFT • Accompanist

 Luft,-Jeffrey—-webJEFFREY LUFT, MM

MamLuft&Co. Dance Accompanist


Jeff Luft holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Music in Percussion Performance from Carnegie Mellon University, where he studied under timpanist, Timothy K. Adams. Jeffrey is a percussionist at the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra and is a maker of custom timpani mallets under the moniker Luft Mallets. His clients have included principal timpanists of the orchestras of Sydney Opera House, Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, New Zealand, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Charlotte, and others. He has also performed with concert:nova, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, the Cincinnati Opera, and numerous other orchestras. Jeffrey has collaborated with MamLuft&Co. Dance as a live improviser and composer.

JEANNE MAM-LUFT • Modern • Improvisational Techniques • Photographing Dance • Stretch & Body Work


Jeanne Mam-Luft, MFA

MamLuft&Co. Dance Director


Jeanne Sopanha Mam-Luft is an interdisciplinarian—a choreographer, designer, and photographer who also dabbles in other trades. She founded MamLuft&Co. Dance in 2007 to help facilitate the creation and development of professional Modern Dance in Cincinnati. Jeanne has created over two dozen evening-length works, produced countless events, worked with 30+ Company Members, and collaborated with many other artists and organizations in a breadth of capacities, from choreographer/director to lighting designer. In 2014-2015, Mam-Luft was the first and only dance artist to be awarded a Arts Ambassador Fellowship from the City of Cincinnati.

Mam-Luft served on the OhioDance Board of Trustees from 2009-2015, and currently serves in the Greater Cincinnati Alliance for Arts Education. She is a founding member of the Greater Cincinnati Dance Alliance and was the Assistant Director of Contemporary Dance Theater from 2010-2014.

Mam-Luft holds a Master of Fine Arts in Dance from Texas Woman’s University and a Bachelor of Architecture from Carnegie Mellon University, where she was also a student of scenic design and dance at their renowned School of Drama. Mam-Luft also studied photography and video at Pittsburgh Filmmakers. As a student, she received full scholarships to both American Dance Festival and Bates Dance Festival. She has taught at Wright State University (Dayton, OH), Texas Woman’s University (Denton, TX), and Brookhaven College (Dallas, TX). Much of her dance work draws from her experiences as an immigrant and refugee of the Khmer Rouge genocide.

Photo above by Rachel Bruce Johnson.

NEILE MARTIN • Lunch Chat • Repertory

1608neile-4749-bw-webNeile Martin

MamLuft&Co. Dance Company Member


Neile Martin is a third-year Company Member and instructor with MamLuft&Co. Dance. A transplant from Chicago, Illinois, Neile recently performed with Renegade Dance Architects and Tarpley Dance Ensemble. She has also performed in repertory by David Dorfman, Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, Alexandra Beller, and Martha Clarke. Ms. Martin received her Dance Education degree from University of Memphis in Tennessee and also studied at American Dance Festival in numerous sessions. She studied at Instiuto Marangoni School of Fashion in London, England, as well as at Interlochen School of the Arts (Michigan), and Ballet Memphis (Tennesse). With MamLuft&Co. Dance, Ms. Martin performed leading roles in multiple works and has collaborated on a special project, the company’s dance film entitled Unyielding.

ELENA RODRIGUEZ MOORE • Injury Prevention • Myofascial Taping • Anatomy • Partnering

100918coshoot-elena_7392-web-bwElena Rodriguez Moore, LPTA

MamLuft&Co. Dance Repertory Rehearsal Director and Company Member


Elena is in her seventh season with MamLuft&Co. Dance and is the company’s Repertory Rehearsal Director.

Elena has assisted in choreographing several shows for the company including Double|Sided, a full-length work created in collaboration with Steven Evans, which premiered at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center during the 2015-2016 season.

Born in Queens, New York, Elena received her Bachelor of Arts in Dance Cum Laude with a concentration in choreography from Goucher College in Towson, Maryland. While at Goucher, Elena performed and studied under such artists as Gabriel Masson, Alan Hineline, Roger Jeffrey, Heather McArdle, Anne Hutchinson Guest, Mino Nicholas, and Janice Garret. After graduating, she moved to Dayton, Ohio and danced for SMAG Dance Collective under the direction of Michael Groomes and Dayton Contemporary Dance Company 2 under the direction of Shonna Hickman-Matlock. Elena has since received her Physical Therapist Assistant degree and works full-time at a skilled nursing facility.

Crystal Michelle Perkins • Masterclass Series

Perkins,-Crystal-Michelle-bw-webCRYSTAL MICHELLE PERKINS, MFA

Dayton Contemporary Dance Company Associate Artistic Director


Crystal Michelle is a choreographer, dancer, and intermedia artist. She was named Associate Artistic Director of Dayton Contemporary Dance Company (DCDC) in 2014. Previous to her appointment, she was a dance artist with DCDC’s professional company for nine seasons, became Resident Choreographer, and appointed Arts Curriculum Coordinator in 2010 for DCDC’s education programs.

As coordinator, Ms. Michelle became integral to the design of Dancing to the Curriculum, a highly recognized arts-integration dance residency for elementary and middle grade students in Dayton Public Schools. Over the years, she has taught dance master classes and was teaching artist for the company’s outreach services.

As a choreographer, performer, and researcher she has traveled nationally and internationally, including Ougadougou, Burkina Faso and Port of Spain, Trinidad where she researched African Diaspora movement styles and began her newest venture: The Beautiful Archive Project. Ms. Michelle collaborated with Dayton’s Blackbird String Quartet, The University of Dayton’s Department of Music, the Khalid Moss Jazz Trio for the creation of Unrested and Unfaithful.

The creation of her site specific work The Descent of this Water: Rain (2014) was commissioned by the Dublin Arts Council and performed in Columbus and Dayton, Ohio. Her evening length contemporary work for DCDC, The Littlest Angel, premiered in December 2014. She set choreography to The King of the Magi and Martin Luther King from Duke Ellington’s, Three Black Kings performed by DCDC and accompanied by Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra in collaboration with The Dayton Performing Arts Alliance’s production of American Mosaic in 2015.

Ms. Michelle has created dance works for Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, Cutno Dance, SMAG Dance Collective, and Stivers School for the Arts Dance Ensemble. She has been a guest artist for the New Orleans Ballet Association/NOLA, the Augusta Ballet Company, Compton Dance Theatre, The Moving Architects, and SMAG Dance Collective.

In 2014, she received the Individual Excellence Award from the Ohio Arts Council and was honored with the Josie Award, which recognizes individual excellence in the art of dance for performers in Dayton, Ohio. Ms. Michelle holds a MFA in Dance from The Ohio State University and a BFA in Dance Performance from Southern Methodist University. She is a member of the Association of Performing Arts Presenters Inaugural Class of Leadership Fellows.

Denny Reed • Lighting Design

Reed-Denny—-webDenny Reed

Cincinnati Landmark Productions Lighting Designer

Denny Reed received a BFA degree in Theatre Design and Technology from Northern Kentucky University in 1985. During college, Denny began working for Contemporary Dance Theatre and continued as a free-lance Lighting Designer for CDT and many other organizations in the Cincinnati Area through 2005. Denny was CDT’s Area Choreographers Concert Lighting Designer through 2014 and also designed lights for MamLuft&Co. Dance at the Aronoff Center for several seasons. Since 2002, Denny works full time with Cincinnati Landmark Productions – owners and operators of the Covedale Center for the Performing Arts and the Warsaw Federal Incline Theater. He is the Lighting and Sound Designer for all shows as well as the Ticketing Manager.

Rodney Veal • Masterclass Series

Veal,-Rodney---bw-webRodney Veal, MFA

The Art Show


Rodney Veal, an independent choreographer and interdisciplinary artist, is an adjunct faculty member at Stivers School of the Performing Arts, Sinclair Community College, and the University of Dayton. Rodney also currently serves as Coordinator for Connect for Completion at Sinclair Community College. He is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University with a B.S in Political Science and Visual Arts. He recently received his M.F.A in Choreography from The Ohio State University. He currently serves on the Board of Trustees of Ohio Dance as Vice President, as well as on the boards of Involvement Advocacy, HomeFull, and Levitt Pavilion Dayton. Rodney can currently been seen as the host of the Emmy Award-winning television series The Art Show on Think TV Channel 16.

Rodney’s masterclass will look at different pathways to movement generation using contemporary social and political issues as the source materials. The class will explore movement through the use of text, imagery, and spoken word to create a choreographic study.

Megan Yankee • Modern • Improv & Weight Share

Yankee,-Megan—-webMegan Yankee, MFA

Factory Street Studio Artistic Director


Megan has performed and presented danceworks internationally at the Bayimba International Multi Arts Festival in Kampala, Uganda (East Africa), Nomad Express Multi Arts Festival in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (West Africa), the Sonic Arts Research Center in Belfast, Northern Ireland,  as well as in numerous festivals across the US. She has had the honor of performing in danceworks by Amie LeGendre, Larry Keigwin, Michael Foley, Christie Nelson, Jordan Fuchs, Sandy Mathern-Smith and Sarah Gamblin.

Megan has received numerous Artist-in-the-Community grants from the Greater Columbus Arts Council as well as the Award for Excellence in Teaching from Texas Woman’s University and the Award for Outstanding Leadership in Education from the Santa Teresa Music and Arts Association.

Megan earned her MFA in Dance from Texas Woman’s University, where she specialized in Artistic Process and Online Dance Pedagogy. She resides in The Plains, Ohio with her partner-in-crime and musician/sound engineer, John Osburn and their two dogs, Weecho and Lucy.


MamLuft&Co. Dance’s Summer Modern Dance Workshop/Intensive takes place at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center in central Cincinnati.


Clifton Cultural Arts Center
Check-in is on 3rd Level (Great Hall)
3711 Clifton Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45220


There is no left turn onto Clifton Ave; it is recommended that you Google Maps to 320 McAlpin Ave.



Park in the lot of the adjacent Cincinnati Recreation Commission center parking lot




Clifton is a centrally-located and walkable neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio with bus routes to other neighborhoods. Clifton is also minutes away from downtown Cincinnati.


Climate Control


The Summer Modern Dance Workshop/Intensive takes place in the Clifton Cultural Arts Center’s newly renovated Great Hall. Smaller classes for break-out sessions will also occur in the historic building’s vintage classrooms on the second floor.


Please note that there is no air conditioning in the Great Hall and limited air conditioning in the break-out spaces. Dancers are highly encouraged to bring lots of water!


MamLuft&Co. Dance does not provide housing for this workshop, but we can provide roommate-finding assistance for participants 18 years and older who request it.


Please see the registration form for complete details on roommate-finding assistance.


There are numerous hotels nearby — at least four within 2 miles from the Clifton Cultural Arts Center (3711 Clifton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45220).


In addition, University of Cincinnati is located in Clifton: students and others may have spaces available for subletting.

MamLuft&Co. Dance’s Summer Modern Dance Workshop/Intensive is intended for adults, college students through professional.


The summer dance program addresses, celebrates, and explores crucial topics for dancers at every stage of their careers: somatic practices, technique, injury prevention, and envisioning one’s artistic work.


In five concentrated days, these courses introduce and refresh many topics that celebrate the vastness and breadth of modern dance. Contemporary dancers of other genres will also find the studies both very challenging and useful.


ML&Co.’s Summer Modern Dance Workshop/Intensive is an amazingly affordable/inexpensive, active, and diversified week: a great compliment or alternative to much more costly summer programs or festivals.


Designed for the serious dancer, the workshop is open to all adults. There are no auditions for entry into the program.


Teens ages 14-18 are encouraged to attend the Summer Modern Dance Teen Intensive. If you are unsure which intensive to enroll your teen in, please send a video of your child in performance or class to, along with a list of modern dance instructors and number of years studied with each.


MamLuft&Co. Dance will be conducting auditions for their professional company throughout the workshop.


For more information on auditioning, please visit our audition page.

How do I register?

Scroll down for the registration panel.

What are the classes and schedule?

Please click the “Classes” tab on the left and expand the class schedule or descriptions.

Who are the faculty?

The MamLuft&Co. Dance Summer Modern Dance Workshop/Intensive faculty is comprised of both ML&Co. company members and guest faculty, all of whom have extensive training and experience.


Please click the “Faculty” tab to the left to read more.

Where is the workshop?

The Summer Modern Dance Workshop/Intensive takes place in the Clifton Cultural Arts Center’s newly renovated Great Hall. Smaller classes for break-out sessions will also occur in the historic building’s vintage classrooms on the second floor.


Clifton is a centrally-located and walkable neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio with bus routes to other neighborhoods. Clifton is also minutes away from downtown Cincinnati.


Please note that there is no air conditioning in the Great Hall and limited air conditioning in the break-out spaces. Dancers are highly encouraged to be prepared!


For a map and address to the location, click on “Location” to the left.

Do you offer housing or roommate-finding assistance?

We do not offer housing, but there are four hotels within 2 miles from the Clifton Cultural Arts Center (3711 Clifton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45220).


The center is also near the University of Cincinnati, where many students may be subletting their spaces.


We can also assist you in connecting with others who may be seeking a roommate.

How much does it cost?

We are very proud to offer a high-quality and diverse week of study for such a comparatively low rate. Please see the “Costs” tab to the left.

Do I have to pay in full now?

A non-refundable $50 deposit is due at the time of registration.


Your balance must be paid in full by the corresponding registration rate in order to receive the lower Early Registration and Regular Registration rates.


See “Costs” for the deadlines and amounts.

What is the refund policy?

The first $50 of your fee is a non-refundable deposit. Any other refunds beyond the $50 deposit must be requested in writing to before May 15. After May 15, refunds cannot be given for any reason.

Do you offer any scholarships?

We offer partial scholarships. Please see “Costs” tab to the left for more information.

Do I need to audition? How do I register?

There are no auditions for the workshop itself. Adults 18+ may register for the workshop simply by filling out a form and sending in the fees. (Although, if you are professional wishing to audition for MamLuft&Co. Dance’s company, please see our Audition Page for more information.)


Minors under the age of 18 are encouraged to take the Teen Intensive.


Extremely advanced teens who dancing at the college or professional level may be considered for admission. Please inquire at with the minor’s name, age, birthdate, past training, experience (years, techniques, teachers, choreographers), and a video link. It is highly stressed that this workshop is intended for persons who can be responsible for their own bodies: the workshop is designed for adults and as such, do not coddle students such as may be necessary or appropriate for many minors. Minors admitted to the program will be treated like self-sufficient adults. Any minors who attended in the previous year are automatically welcome to attend again.

What is the dress code?

There is no dress code, except for the following considerations.


We dance on wooden floors and on thin Marley. Floors are not sprung. No rosin is allowed to be used. Dancers may choose whether or not to wear Ballet slippers in Ballet class to best satisfy their safety concerns.


We request no extremely short shorts.


We do a lot of floor work: dancers are advised to wear long yoga pants and have thin, long-sleeve shirts ready. If you need knee pads, we recommend you bring cotton Chinese knee pads. If dancers prefer to wear shorts due to the heat, their floor work must not be encumbered.


Please remember the studio is not air conditioned.

I'm not sure if this workshop will be too hard for me.

Even though the coursework is at a very high level, we work very hard to create a nourishing, creative, and accepting environment for all dancers. As long as you can follow along in an intermediate class, you will fare well at our workshop. We encourage dancers to help each other, stay positive, and have fun!

Can you send me some posters and postcards to share at my studio or school?

We would love to! Please send us your information at

If you paid a $50 deposit, you may pay your remaining balance here.

For early registration discount

pay $270 balance by April 15

For regular registration rate

pay $325 balance by May 15

For late registration

pay $345 balance by June 1

For balances on 1-day passes, 5-class cards, and 3-class cards


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You can also email or call (513) 494.MLCo.

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